What makes our oil different (and we believe more effective):

1. We use pure CBD Isolate (the strongest molecule from the Hemp plant).
2. We combine it with Hemp oil which contains beneficial cannabinoids.

CBD Isolate has no taste, or color; and is extracted specifically from Industrial Hemp plants (which is a different strain from the marijuana plant). The extraction process uses pressurized Carbon Dioxide, no harmful chemicals are used. In this process, some of the beneficial cannabinoids, including limonene terpene, are removed. All THC is also removed. After the extraction process is complete, the CBD Isolate, as well as the limonene terpene, are reintroduced to the hemp oil.

Cannabinoids are compounds found in the Hemp plant. There are close to one hundred of them; all having a different benefit to the body because they interact with various receptors in the brain. The collection of cannabinoids is what is referred to as the “spectrum”.

Ours is classified as Broad-Spectrum, which we prefer, because it offers many benefits without the bad, kind of “peat moss taste” of Full Spectrum. Basically, we take the unpleasant qualities out, and keep the beneficial qualities in.

CBD Pet Oil

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CBD Pet Oil

Our Pet products may help with the symptoms of anxiety, fatty tumors, general pain and rejuvenation of energy.  May possibly relieve seizures. Keeping your pet pain free and happy, as if they were a puppy again.  Available in 2- and 4-ounce bottle. 60-120 servings per...

Concentrated Hemp Extract & Limonene Terpenes

Our hemp oil blended with 99.9% pure CBD isolate is fast acting and may help with pain, anxiety, inflammation, and restlessness.  Our propriety blend using limonene terpene adds many benefits.  It acts on neurotransmitters, and acts as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.  It enhances norepinephrine activity...

Goat Milk Lotion – 4 oz. 100 mg.

The moisturizing effects of CBD infused goat milk lotion gets absorbed deep into the lower layers of the skin tissues where the capillaries system occurs. The CBD molecule holds moisture for up to 24 hours in those layers as it heals.     All of...

Pain Relief Muscle Salve – 4 oz.

Our pain and muscle salve has been designed for topical and deep penetration of swollen or sore locations on your body. Great for arthritic conditions and general aches and pains.  This salve contains both CBD Isolate for pain relief, and copaiba essential oil.   Copaiba...

All of your pet treat needs!